Everyday at the lab is an opportunity to make sense of data

The psychology of fashion + Data

We all have clothing that make us feel invincible when we put them on. They have direct impact on our mood and energy. We are figuring out the relationship between what people wear, and how it affects mood and energy, by collecting as many real-world data points as possible.

augmented reality + fashion

Using this modern web technologies, we are working on a product at the GYRO Fashion House that suggests outfits to users based on their mood and skin color. Users get to see a virtual representation of what they look like in various outfits, before actually putting them on.

AGX Africa

AGX Africa deals majorly in Agro commodities, solid minerals, livestock, liquid minerals, and Agric produce.

With the help AI, and machine learning, we are providing their clients with secure 24/7 access, up-to-date documents and useful information quickly, without having to chase them on the phone or email.

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